Higher Yields

Higher Yields

Nov 17th 2017

This growing together tip we are going to talk about yield and lots of it 

We get a lot of new people coming in and asking how can they produce more? What am I doing wrong? Sell me the magic potion that will get me a large harvest. Sorry to tell you, there is no magic potion. You must put in the work to get the results. So here are a few tips that will helps.


First, you can't build anything without a good foundation. We all heard the phrase" the bigger the roots, the bigger the fruits". There is no truer statement then this. They are delicate and fragile as a thin piece of glass but when properly established. They are as strong as any concrete foundation. Make sure you have good aeration so the roots can absorb oxygen and drain away excess moisture. Enrich the soil with beneficial bacteria and fungi. Over watering can suffocate and drown the roots. Overly moisten soil is also very inviting for pest to live in and mold to grow.


Now that we have a good foundation we can focus a little more on growth. For plant to succeed it needs the right amount of light, water, carbon(these are needed to create photosynthesis) and space. Plants need room to grow and stretch out. The more plants does not necessary mean more production. Over crowding your garden creates low light issues, for the bottom half of the plant, and only top growth. For big yields we need properly light.

Feed the Need

Third tip is feeding the right amount of nutrients at the right times of the plant cycle. Focusing on just the star elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium(N-P-K) at the different stages of the plants life is essential for production. These elements are needed through the entire process. Higher nitrogen levels in vegetation growth stage and lower amounts in flowering stages. Phosphorus is mainly required in higher quantities in flower stage but minimum amounts in vegetation stage. Potassium is the main element people tend to over look the importance of. So essential for roots, fruit and flower fragance, density and flavor. Even in the winter months, those stored sugars is the plants life and food source. Hopefully this will help out in your horticulture adventures. For more tips and advise or if you have any other questions, Feel free to drop us a line or swing by the shop. Check us out and follow us on twitter and instagram and like us on Facebook, . Hope your all harvest are plentiful.